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DentinelOur most popular treatments will most likely be the implants, crowns and full reconstruction. These days dentistry is a very advanced field providing efficient solutions to various problems.

Dental implants are state of the art dental treatments to correct aesthetic and functional disadvantages.

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The dental specialist

Our dental surgery provides comprehensive dental care to all age groups. Our dentists, specialists in different fields, consult one another to provide treatment following a unified treatment plan, so that you always receive the best care. We use cutting edge devices and instruments, and the best available materials at our surgery, because it is important for us that you are satisfied with the care we provide.

Tartar removal - Painless, ultrasonic tartar removal and polishing

Tartar is the cause of many periodontal diseases, so it is more important to remove it than many people would think. Neglecting dental hygiene care may lead to periodontitis, bad breath, inflammation and even loss of the periodontium. If bleeding occurs when you brush your teeth, the bacteria in the mouth may enter the blood through the wound, which may lead to focal infections, e.g. hair loss.

Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic fillings provide solution for mild and moderate tooth decay. After anaesthesia, the decayed part is removed, then, depending on the depth of the filling, a so-called liner is applied at the bottom of the cavity. After that the tooth-coloured filling is made. This treatment is quick, painless and provides a lasting solution.

Root canal treatment

Most often the cause for a root canal treatment is pulpitis, which is caused by bacteria entering the pulp from a deep decay. Bacteria enter the root canal and the canal wall, and inflammation develops in the tissue of the pulp, causing severe, throbbing pain. During the root canal treatment, the infected canal wall is also removed and thoroughly disinfected, then the canal is filled with a root filling material. This prevents the survival of bacteria that might have remained in the canal. Before the root canal treatment, we use X-ray imaging to obtain information about existing roots and root canals.


Metal ceramic crowns have a metal structure, and the porcelain covering is fused to that. The metal structure, made of a nickel-free alloy, provides stability, and the porcelain covering ensures a pleasant look. A properly made, high quality and precise crown can provide an aesthetic solution for up to 10-15 years.


A bridge is a tooth replacement where the artificial teeth that cover a gap are fixed on remaining teeth or implants. In this case it is the teeth on the sides of the gap that support the bridge. The bridge also has a metal structure, made of precious metal, non-precious metal, or titanium. The porcelain covering is placed on the metal structure. It is available in various shades to match the colour of the patient’s remaining teeth.

Porcelain veneer

Ceramic and direct ceramic veneers are very popular today, since this solution requires very little dentin to be removed - there is no need to start immediately by placing crowns on the teeth -, and veneers look pleasing and are durable. With porcelain veneers, 0.5-1 mm is removed from the surface of the tooth facing the lips, then a high-precision dental impression is made, which the dental technician will use to make the ceramic veneers. The veneers are glued in during another appointment.

Tooth whitening

The first steps of the tooth whitening process are always the removal of tartar and the polishing of the teeth. Once the tartar has been removed, tooth whitening gel is applied on the outer surface of the teeth, then a special tooth whitening lamp is used to activate the active substance in the gel. This light is used for 3x15 mins. In the week following the whitening treatment, patients should avoid coloured food and drinks.

Dental implants

The most modern solution for tooth replacement is the implant. In modern dentistry only tissue-friendly materials are used for implants, so there is no rejection. The implant is made of titanium. The artificial root is implanted in the jaw. After the ossification (min. 3 months) the dentist places a bridge, crown or bridge unit on the implant. With this method, a fully functioning denture can be built on the implant. An advantage of this method is that if only one or two teeth are missing, there is no need to reduce healthy teeth to make a bridge.

Dental prosthesis

Fully removable dentures, or false teeth, are still the most widely used type of tooth replacement. It is one, and currently the most frequently used method for replacing all teeth.
It is cost-effective, has a natural look and it is comfortable to wear.


HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is currently the most popular non-invasive beauty treatment. It was invented in the US 5 years ago, and has soon become dominant in the beauty industry in Europe. It is because it delivers spectacular results, similar to those of facial plastic surgery, with one treatment, without pain, scars and recovery time. The micro-focused ultrasound enters the deeper layers of the skin, where it starts to act, restoring the natural beauty and suppleness of the skin. .

List of dental treatments, services

  • Hygienic treatments
  • Esthetic dentistry
  • Plaque removal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Implantation
  • Crown metal
  • Crown zirconium
  • Crown full porcelain
  • Fillings, inlays
  • Extraction
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Composite fillings
  • Root canal
  • Implants

Dental equipments

Our clinic is furbished with KAVO Primus and with KAVO Estetic E70 equipments. KAVO instruments reflect the perfectionism of German engineering and quality.

The equipment supports the professional work of our dentists and dental assistants.

We are creating perfect environment to ensure the well being and quick recovery of our patients. The treatment chairs are providing the highest comfort, the dentists have easy access to the patients’ teeth during the treatment to provide excellent service.

Our clinic works in compliance with the highest hygienic standards.



Our dental clinic is furbished with the most modern dental equipment, we are welcoming our guests in 2 treatment rooms.


The guests of the dental clinic are staying in a wonderful 4 stars hotel, adjacent to the dental offices.


The clinic is primarily focusing on patients requiring aesthetic treatments, implantation, crowns and teeth whitening.

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